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Why choose Cognitive behavioural Hypnotherapy?

Research has shown Hypnotherapy combined with CBT is effective in the treatment of many emotional disorders.

Anxiety and Stress

Hypnotherapy, particularly Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy, is one of the most effective treatments for anxiety, stress, social anxiety and panic attacks.

Michelle has successfully managed to help me with a couple of issues that were troubling me; one issue may have seen somewhat trivial in the big scheme of things however to me it was important as it was causing me concern. Michelle's professionalism just simply accepted that if it was an issue to me and needed to be sorted, then we would work together to resolve it and this is exactly what we did.

Communication is always a 2-way process; talking and listening and it is fair to say that our sessions were so relaxed, Michelle just allowed me to talk and this gave me the unique opportunity to talk very openly in a confidential environment and Michelle listened. It was just so comforting to be able to go off into different directions and fully open up which in turn allowed the trust to build up with an initial stranger very quickly. The time Michelle just simply listened proved invaluable for me as we explored the issues that were causing me concern. Constructive, challenging and enjoyable conversations were had and at the end of each session, I genuinely felt good about myself and that I was making true progress.

Specific strategies were then developed for me and this coupled with quality time to give feedback afterwards has simply worked. I would have no hesitation in recommending Michelle for help, guidance and support if you have an issue you wish to resolve. Very supportive, great listener especially as my couple of issues were not that straight forward to resolve however Michelle just managed to understand them completely for which I am truly grateful. Thank you.

Treating Stress and Anxiety

In dealing with anxiety or stress I will teach you a rapid relaxation technique to lower your levels of muscle tension through out your body and then teach you the techniques of self-hypnosis to help deepen relaxation and feelings of confidence.

During subsequent therapy sessions I will help you to confront challenging, stressful situations by focusing on relaxation of your body, de-hypnotising negative beliefs and reconditioning your brain and body's reaction whilst in the challenging situation.

You will then imagine yourself behaving more calmly and confidently in those situations and rehearse positive improvements in your thinking in those situations.

This rehearsal, under hypnosis, will enhance the improvements in behaviour and thinking allowing you to stay physically and emotionally calm and relaxed, is repeated many times so that new automatic responses are created, helping you to prevent relapsing and giving you back control of your life.

I will help you to implant powerful thoughts of confidence and efficacy at the core of your belief structure, giving you the belief in your ability to use the coping strategies effectively.

A course of four to six sessions is usually recommended to help make the changes a permanent state and give you the confidence to apply your coping strategies.

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Hypnosis and Phobias

Hypnotherapy has an excellent and proven record at successfully treating phobias.

Fear of blushing
Fear of stuttering
Fear of confrontation
Fear of business meetings
Fear of social situations / small talk
Fear of rejection
Fear of public speaking
Fears related to acute anxiety or panic attacks
Fear of fainting or collapsing
Fear of flying
Fear of dogs
Fear of spiders
Fear of public transportation
Fear of exams
Fear of being alone
Fear of the dentist / dental surgery
Fear of heights
Fear of bridges
Fear of driving test
Fear of injections

Hypnotherapy Treatment of Phobias

I will teach you how to utilise and practice effective relaxation techniques.

I will help you to to learn the techniques of self-hypnosis so that you can build a sense of calm self-confidence and a greater sense of control.

After all of the above techniques have been mastered and you feel confident about confronting the core issues, we will use a highly effective technique of 'desensitisation', you will imagine being in those situations while under hypnosis and practicing deep relaxation as you rehearse those situations in your imagination.

By repeatedly imagining yourself in those situations while I continue to guide you to relax we will build a new way for your body to react in a calm and self confident manner.

The method of "systematic desensitisation" has a long history of effectiveness in clinical studies - and combining this with hypnosis we achieve positive, permanent results more rapidly.

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Hypnotherapy and Insomnia

More often the cause of insomnia is excess muscular tension and anxiety over sleeping - and/or excessive thinking or worrying.

All too often it is noticeable that the tension in your muscles is increasing the amount of activity experienced by your whole body especially the nervous system, making the body respond by being in a state of permanent "high alert" especially when we have no distractions and want to relax .

By learning how to relax the muscles directly and deeply - and retraining our body to a more relaxed state we can fall asleep quickly, stay asleep and awake refreshed.

I will teach you techniques to overcome these "high alert" sensations that your body has instilled, remove negative beliefs that you may have when going to bed, and with the use of self-hypnosis enable you to feel calmer and relaxed so you can enjoy a good nights sleep, and wake feeling refreshed.

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Hypnotherapy and Stop Smoking

To stop smoking does require some will-power and motivation. However studies indicate that with hypnotherapy you are five to fifteen times more likely to succeed than by willpower alone.

The actual session lasts 2 hours – during that time we’ll review your habit and motivations in depth.
I’ll then use a whole package of techniques to break down your habit.
This session includes working deeply with your subconscious in hypnosis, giving you the skills, belief structure to stop smoking immediately.

I’ll train you in the session to ensure that you have the skills you need to remain a non-smoker.
I also give you several “last-resort” tools that you can use during challenging moments in the weeks following, including self-hypnosis CD’s and phone support.
Most people require only one session which is a specially extended session lasting approximately two hours and is tailor-made to your needs.

In these Stop Smoking Hypnosis sessions we will use the most powerful techniques available to ensure you get the best chance to quit.

We don't take rely on one technique.

Instead we will use a whole range of techniques to create a unique treatment session for you.

These methods are individually proven in research studies to be effective ways to stop smoking and are broadly based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Each technique on it’s own could be 100% effective for you—however as one can never tell exactly which approach will “click” with a client we will use several techniques in a powerful combination.

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