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Michelle has successfully managed to help me with a couple of issues that were troubling me; one issue may have seen somewhat trivial in the big scheme of things however to me it was important as it was causing me concern. Michelle's professionalism just simply accepted that if it was an issue to me and needed to be sorted, then we would work together to resolve it and this is exactly what we did.

Communication is always a 2-way process; talking and listening and it is fair to say that our sessions were so relaxed, Michelle just allowed me to talk and this gave me the unique opportunity to talk very openly in a confidential environment and Michelle listened. It was just so comforting to be able to go off into different directions and fully open up which in turn allowed the trust to build up with an initial stranger very quickly. The time Michelle just simply listened proved invaluable for me as we explored the issues that were causing me concern. Constructive, challenging and enjoyable conversations were had and at the end of each session, I genuinely felt good about myself and that I was making true progress.

Specific strategies were then developed for me and this coupled with quality time to give feedback afterwards has simply worked. I would have no hesitation in recommending Michelle for help, guidance and support if you have an issue you wish to resolve. Very supportive, great listener especially as my couple of issues were not that straight forward to resolve however Michelle just managed to understand them completely for which I am truly grateful. Thank you.

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We took our daughter to see Michelle when she was experiencing anxiety around her GCSE examinations. Michelle was excellent in determining where the nervousness was coming from, how the fear was manifesting itself and a wide array of techniques to overcome her symptoms.
The treatments were extremely effective and we would have no hesitation in recommending Michelle and her professional and beneficial services.

We sought help as our daughter had suffered periods of anxiety and panic attacks. She had previously been referred for counselling via the NHS, which did not appear to help her, with them not trying to get to the route of the problem or how to help but seemed focused on looking at who was to blame. As a result of the problems worsening we were again referred for counselling and due to the previous experiences looked for other solutions as our daughter did not wish to start the sessions again.
On attending our daughter immediately felt relaxed and at ease with Michelle and opened up more than she had previously done with any counsellor and was able to explain what made her feel the way she did and why. We were informed of the appropriate number of sessions and the options and types of treatment that could be used. These session resulted in an immediate improvement of our daughters wellbeing and her ability to cope with situations without them resulting in a panic. Her anxiety also improved with her being able to deal with things where she would previously have avoided them knowing that it would upset her.
We can not thank Michelle enough for the treatment that has helped bring such a positive improvement to our daughters ability to deal with things and the impact it will have in her future with her new found abilities to cope in new or difficult situations.

Michelle is a very kind & compassionate therapist. I’ve had the honour of being in her company recently & I highly recommend her services to anyone looking to make positive changes.

Nicola Mann 6 February 2018
Michelle has total dedication and commitment to her clients.
She works from the heart and has a range of skills to ensure that she can help you move forward in your life.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Michelle.

Angela Milburn
Michelle knows her stuff and knows how to make a difference. Get in touch with her, you won't regret it

Michelle is a very intuitive person working from the heart you know she is genuine and really wants to empower you to move forward.
Andy Steele

Charlene Pieri - smith
4 February 2018

A very great listener and caring lady thank you so much for taking the time with me I have learnt a great deal

Denise Killworth 9 May 2015 ·
Helped me so much with my health problem. Been suffering for 2 months. Within 10 minutes my hacking cough stopped never to return. Miracle worker. Wouldn't hesitate to go back with other ailments.

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