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How can Hypnotherapy help with anxiety and stress?

Are you suffering with symptoms of anxiety? Do you lack Self Confidence/Self Esteem, are you frustrated with your inability to feel in control of your life, do you have a sense of hopelessness that you will never find a release from these feelings.

Do you want to feel happier, relaxed, confident, calm and have more control of your feelings?

Are you fearful in social situations? Do you worry what others think? Do you avoid social activities? Are you worried others are judging you? Do you sit quietly in the corner, afraid to say anything in case it's wrong or people won't be interested, or worry you'll make a fool of yourself?

Do you want to to feel confident and not worry what others think, do you want to enjoy and look forward to going to social gatherings?

Hypnotherapy can help you to overcome these feelings of anxiety that have stopped you from living the life that you want.
Book now and make 2018 the year your social anxiety becomes a distant memory.

Your initial assessment will entail getting as much information about the problem you are suffering with, how hypnotherapy works, dispelling some myths and misconceptions about hypnosis, what you hope to achieve from the hypnosis.
There will be a chance for you to ask questions about my work as a hypnotherapist.

I am aslo a qualified Kinetic Shift Practitioner to find out more about this powerful effective treatment Click Here

Hypnotherapy in Chelmsford can help you build your resilience and manage your stress/anxiety more effectively.

I have had considerable experience and success treating both adults and children with anxiety and panic disorders.

I am also trained in Mindfulness and relaxation techniques, for more information on how these techniques can help you learn to relax quickly and easily Click Here

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How Can Hypnotherapy Help?

As your Hypnotherapist in Chelmsford, Essex I can help with the following fears and Phobias

Fear of blushing
Fear of stuttering
Fear of confrontation
Fear of business meetings
Fear of social situations / small talk
Fear of rejection
Fear of public speaking
Fears related to acute anxiety or panic attacks
Fear of fainting or collapsing
Fear of flying
Fear of dogs
Fear of spiders
Fear of public transportation
Fear of exams
Fear of being alone
Fear of the dentist / dental surgery
Fear of heights
Fear of bridges
Fear of driving test
Fear of injections
I am also experienced in treating anxiety in adolescents, using Relaxation, Mindfulness and CBT techniques.

In dealing with anxiety or stress I will teach you a rapid relaxation technique to lower your levels of muscle tension through out your body and then teach you the techniques of self-hypnosis to help deepen relaxation and feelings of confidence.

During subsequent therapy sessions I will help you to confront challenging, stressful situations by focusing on relaxation of your body, de-hypnotising negative beliefs and reconditioning your brain and body's reaction whilst in the challenging situation.

You will then imagine yourself behaving more calmly and confidently in those situations and rehearse positive improvements in your thinking in those situations.

This rehearsal, under hypnosis, will enhance the improvements in behaviour and thinking allowing you to stay physically and emotionally calm and relaxed, is repeated many times so that new automatic responses are created, helping you to prevent relapsing and giving you back control of your life.

I will help you to implant powerful thoughts of confidence and efficacy at the core of your belief structure, giving you the belief in your ability to use the coping strategies effectively.

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What to Do Next.....

As a Hypnotherapist in Chelmsford, Essex, I am easily accessible by public transport from surrounding Essex villages and towns

CBT in Essex - Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy is a therapy that is effective because it is collaborative, meaning that we work together on your issues, whether they are anxiety, self-esteem, phobias or not coping with the stress in your life -leading to insomnia and other physical problems. Working together we can help stop relapses and give you the confidence to put your coping strategies into action.

CBT has the strongest evidence base for effectiveness of any "talking therapy".

If Hypnotherapy is something you’ve been considering, and you want to know how Hypnotherapy can benefit you, give me a call on Chelmsford 01245 602165 for an informal chat

Alternatively, please complete my Email Contact Form and I will respond promptly.

Hypnotherapy in Chelmsford, Essex

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