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How can Hypnotherapy help with anxiety and stress?

Are you suffering with symptoms of anxiety? Do you lack Self Confidence/Self Esteem, are you frustrated with your inability to feel in control of your life, do you have a sense of hopelessness that you will never find a release from these feelings.

Do you want to feel happier, relaxed, confident, calm and have more control of your feelings?

Are you fearful in social situations? Do you worry what others think? Do you avoid social activities? Are you worried others are judging you? Do you sit quietly in the corner, afraid to say anything in case it's wrong or people won't be interested, or worry you'll make a fool of yourself?

Do you want to to feel confident and not worry what others think, do you want to enjoy and look forward to going to social gatherings?

Hypnotherapy can help you to overcome these feelings of anxiety that have stopped you from living the life that you want.
Book now and make 2018 the year your social anxiety becomes a distant memory.

Your initial assessment will entail getting as much information about the problem you are suffering with, how hypnotherapy works, dispelling some myths and misconceptions about hypnosis, what you hope to achieve and realistic goal setting.
There will be a chance for you to ask questions about my work as a hypnotherapist.

As your hypnotherapist in Chelmsford, Essex, let me help you realise your potential. Email Contact Form

Hypnotherapy in Chelmsford can help you build your resilience and manage your stress/anxiety more effectively.

I have had considerable experience and success treating both adults and children with anxiety and panic disorders.

I am also trained in Mindfulness and relaxation techniques, for more information on how these techniques can help you learn to relax quickly and easily Click Here

Michelle has successfully managed to help me with a couple of issues that were troubling me; one issue may have seen somewhat trivial in the big scheme of things however to me it was important as it was causing me concern. Michelle's professionalism just simply accepted that if it was an issue to me and needed to be sorted, then we would work together to resolve it and this is exactly what we did.
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How Can Hypnotherapy Help?

As your Hypnotherapist in Chelmsford, Essex I can help with these conditions:
Social Anxiety
Public speaking
Sports performance
Stop Smoking
Weight loss
Pain Management
And Many Other Physical and Emotional disorders. Call now for a free 30 min telephone consultation

I am also experienced in treating anxiety in adolescents, using Relaxation, Mindfulness and CBT techniques.

We took our daughter to see Michelle when she was experiencing anxiety around her GCSE examinations. Michelle was excellent in determining where the nervousness was coming from, how the fear was manifesting itself and a wide array of techniques to overcome her symptoms.
The treatments were extremely effective and we would have no hesitation in recommending Michelle and her professional and beneficial services.

We sought help as our daughter had suffered periods of anxiety and panic attacks. She had previously been referred for counselling via the NHS, which did not appear to help her, with them not trying to get to the route of the problem or how to help but seemed focused on looking at who was to blame. As a result of the problems worsening we were again referred for counselling and due to the previous experiences looked for other solutions as our daughter did not wish to start the sessions again.
On attending our daughter immediately felt relaxed and at ease with Michelle and opened up more than she had previously done with any counsellor and was able to explain what made her feel the way she did and why. We were informed of the appropriate number of sessions and the options and types of treatment that could be used. These session resulted in an immediate improvement of our daughters wellbeing and her ability to cope with situations without them resulting in a panic. Her anxiety also improved with her being able to deal with things where she would previously have avoided them knowing that it would upset her.
We can not thank Michelle enough for the treatment that has helped bring such a positive improvement to our daughters ability to deal with things and the impact it will have in her future with her new found abilities to cope in new or difficult situations.

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What to Do Next.....

As a Hypnotherapist in Chelmsford, Essex, I am easily accessible by public transport from surrounding Essex villages and towns

CBT in Essex - Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy is a therapy that is effective because it is collaborative, meaning that we work together on your issues, whether they are anxiety, self-esteem, phobias or not coping with the stress in your life -leading to insomnia and other physical problems. Working together we can help stop relapses and give you the confidence to put your coping strategies into action.

CBT has the strongest evidence base for effectiveness of any "talking therapy".

If Hypnotherapy is something you’ve been considering, and you want to know how Hypnotherapy can benefit you, give me a call on Chelmsford 01245 602165 for an informal chat

Alternatively, please complete my Email Contact Form and I will respond promptly.

Hypnotherapy in Chelmsford, Essex

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